Friday, July 29, 2011

Marinated Chef...I Mean Chicken

Here's a picture of Rose and me on our 4th day at girls camp.  Rose looks much happier and perkier than I do.  That's the way she is - all the time!

This is the day we served marinated chicken for dinner.  In the picture below, you can see masking tape around the top of the stockpot.  This is how we jerry-rigged our ginormous aluminum stockpot with a liner (the lining material will remain a secret, but I promise it was clean) so that the chicken wouldn't end up tasting like aluminum.

These two very fun ladies helped us divide the marinade and 210 chicken breasts into six tins - tins that seemed sturdy until they were filled to the brim with chicken and gallons of oily, worchestershirey, lemon juicy, soy saucy marinade.

This is the day that lots of stuff got marinated.  I might mess up some of the details, but you'll get the idea of how things played out.
  • When Rose removed the first hot and heavy tin from the top shelf of the oven (the height of her shoulders), she almost dropped the whole thing.  Her strength and determination to NOT let that thing fall were amazing!  But alas, some of the marinade did escape and spill onto the floor.
  • I couldn't stand the thought of pouring all of that leftover oily marinade down the garbage disposer-less sink, so we put the used marinade into Ziploc gallon bags (a.k.a. marinade balloons) and then threw them into the trash can.  
  • When the trash bag was lifted out of the garbage can, a fork poked a hole in the bag causing some of our marinade balloons to spill out and explode on the floor.  Once again we marinated the floor...and Rose's nice new tennis shoes.
  • Outside, more marinade balloons exploded (in the trash can) near the dumpster.  Rose sent for another large trash bag and poured the marinade from the trash can into the new trash bag.
  • Rose then heaved the trash bag into the already overflowing dumpster.  The bag got caught on something and you guessed it, the biggest marinade balloon ever exploded all over Rose.  Her favorite capris got marinated and her new tennis shoes got a second soaking.

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