Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Biltmore

We, the handicrafty sisters, met up at the Biltmore last week.  Jill, a friend from California, was also there with us.  The best memory is when we (Patty and I) decided not to eat lunch at Cedric's Tavern.  We made this decision after the waiter had already seated us and had brought us our menus and water.  We made this decision without the approval of Jill; and I might add, to the mortification of Jill.  

Patty and I came to the conclusion that we were not going to pay $16 for shepherd's pie made out of lamb, or anything else on the pricey lunch menu.  When the waiter came back to take our order, we told him we needed more time (time to escape).  He left us to continue poring over our menus.  We decided to make a break for it.

Before our exodus though, Patty's conscience pricked her and she decided to leave a $3 tip - one dollar for each water.  While she searched for the $3, Jill quickly vanished.  We found her seated outside, pretending not to know us.  She eventually forgave us and even ended up laughing with us about it later that evening.

By the way, I just googled Cedric's Tavern and found out that Cedric was George Vanderbilt's beloved St. Bernard.  For some reason, that tiny bit of trivia makes the story even funnier to me.

And, I just grabbed this image off of their website.  I do believe that the table on the left is the one we were sitting at!

Postscript:  Jill just confirmed that the table on the left is indeed the very table where the notorious incident occurred.


  1. I'm laughing and I wasn't even there with you! I like Patty's compassion (the tip), your curiosity (lookin' up Cedric), and Jill's sensibility (pretending not to know you outside the diner)...LOL!

  2. Aaaah, I was just talking to a friend today about the Biltmore! I went when I was in 7th grade with my family. My dad did the wine tasting (don't know if they still do it) and it freaked me out because it was the first time I'd ever seen my father drink. Guess it made an impression ;-) Hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit!

  3. Another snapshot of our whirlwind vacation. Prior to the above posted event, we had just been to the “Biltmore Bistro” and asked to see the menu before we were seated. After taking a long look and the menu selection and prices we whispered to one another and handed back the menus and left! By the end of the evening I was in stiches (from near starvation).

  4. LOL. I'm playing catch up with blog reading, and I'm so happy I read yours!