Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Name and Label a Quilt

How do you name a quilt?  I've never done it before, but I like the idea - in case it becomes famous some day or something.  Yea, right!  There are lots of ideas on how to come up with a namebut I've discovered it's not that easy.

Here's the quilt that needed a name.  It's for a baby.  (Well, when I started the quilt, he was a cooing baby and now he's a talking toddler.)  Some people might name a quilt after the fabrics or the pattern they use, but 'Used Denim and Plaids' or 'Old Denim and Plaids' were too literal and too boring.

Since it's made out of some old denim dresses and hubby's old Levi's, the name 'Family Scraps' might have worked.  But then you might envision a brawling family or a family digging through the trash can for dinner.  I could have named it for the recipient and called it 'James' Quilt' or 'Scraps for James'.  Again, too literal and not quirky enough for my taste.

The truth is, every time I see this quilt I think of Roseanne.  Awhile ago Hubs discovered all nine 'play now' seasons of Roseanne on Netflix.  Yes, that would be Roseanne Barr.  (I know, it's hard to imagine us watching that show, especially Hubs, but it was pretty comical to us as newlyweds.)  Anyway, I had a Roseanne marathon while piecing this quilt.  I'm sorry James, but the name of your quilt is:

I've given away a lot of label-less quilts.  But I couldn't pass up using this pocket for the label.  After researching the topic of labeling quilts, I've decided that putting labels on quilts is not only important, but it's another fun and creative component of quilt making.

By the way, we stopped watching Roseanne in 1995 so we missed the last couple of seasons.  I have to say that the last two seasons were the worst!  The plots got too wacky, DJ wasn't a cute kid anymore, just when you got used to Becky #2 they brought back Becky #1, and John Goodman wasn't even in several of the final episodes - a fatal error in my humble opinion.

There you have it - more than you ever wanted to know about Roseanne and about naming and labeling quilts.


  1. I looooove your quilt's name, and I loooooove the way you used the pocket! Way to go!

  2. What a great way to make your quilt a timeless treasure! And l love the placement on the pocket. That being said.....Roseanne? REALLLLY!???????

  3. I know this is LONG past when you wrote this, but I'm hoping you still are checking comments on it! I was wondering how you attached your pocket to your quilt. I'm considering doing the same to a quilt I want to make and would love to know.


    1. Hi Momma Ruby. I just hand stitched it on after the quilt was done.

  4. Thank you for referencing my article on labeling quilts. Your label is gorgeous - not only is it beautiful, it allows all of posterity to remember you and admire your creativity. Do you mind if I add your photo of the label onto my article?

    I have a hard time coming up with names for my quilts too. Since the pattern looks like paths or stepping stones, for this one, I might use Denim Blues, or something about walking or stepping, like Casual Stepping, or Denim Swagger, or maybe Toddling Blues.


    1. Sure Shasta, add the photo to your article. Would you be so kind as to you link it back to this post?