Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm going on an archeological dig...

...in my crap craft room.  I've waited for years to have a craft room.  Up until 4.5 years ago we lived in itty bitty living spaces.  (Does anyone else miss Robin Williams?)  Anyway, I would store my crafty supplies all throughout our apartment.  There might be a big yarn basket and a vase full of knitting needles in the living room, or color-coordinated fat quarters in a shoe organizer in the hall, or scrapbook supplies and photos in boxes in the back of the closet.  I would do my projects on the dining room table, but always had to put everything away - eventually.  I longed for the day when I could have a dedicated craft room, where I could leave everything set up and just close the door to the creative process.

I was completely shocked when we moved into our new home and I could finally put ALL of my craft supplies into one place, my very own craft room.  I was surprised at how much stuff I had accumulated over the years.  I had paints and canvasses from painting classes.  My fat quarters could not be contained anymore in a cute Target shoe organizer.  The yarn had multiplied into two big baskets.  The craft books didn't all fit on one bookshelf - I had to scrounge up another one.  There were more unfinished projects than I could remember.  And the list goes on.

Well, it's time to deal with the clutter.  Clutter in my house, or at work, clutters my brain.  It stresses me out and paralyzes me.  I'm the gal who once upon a time had a place for everything and everything in its place.  Tom would ask about something and I would immediately respond with something precise like: "It's in the kitchen in the 2nd drawer to the right of the dishwasher."  I'm unable to do that anymore because there's too much stuff.  It's time to finish all those half-done projects or to get rid of them.

I've never been on an archeological dig, but I feel like I'm on one as go through layers and layers of old projects.  It's fun and painful at the same time.  Why is it so hard to let go of things?  They are just things.  I plan on posting about some of my archeological discoveries and my triumphs, whether it's the triumph of finishing something or the triumph of letting it go.  So, wish me luck.

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