Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paper-pieced Butterfly

This has got to be one of the most complex quilt blocks I've ever made.  One of the challenges for March's Long Distance Quilting Bee block was to make something related to gardening.  I got the pattern from this book, the same book that the kimono and crane came from.  The pattern calls for this block to be 6" x 6".  That's just loco!  Fortunately Joy wanted bigger blocks.  Check out the amazing points you can get with paper-piecing.

Butterfly Guts


  1. I think this is so great & colorful! You're amazing for being able to enlarge the block so much without problems. The last photo of butterfly guts made me laugh.

    1. It made me laugh too. I was wondering if anyone would even notice that caption.

  2. You are GOOD! I would be proud to call those butterfly guts my own! The guts from all my handiwork always has to be hidden from view because it's a scrambled mess! I love your choice of fabrics to mix, and ...wait... is that ROCKET EXHAUST I'm seein'?????