Friday, January 6, 2012

Knitting for the Folks in Switzerland

Back when I had fewer nieces and nephews, I would make lots of stuff for them.  But now there are too many to keep up with.  Anyway, my hubby's sister's family got a lot of handmade stuff because they started having kids first (on my husband's side).  They sent me these pictures from Switzerland (that's where they live) about five or six years ago.  I rarely get to see people wear or use the stuff I send them because I don't usually live near them, so it was nice to get these pictures.

Here are the stockings I've made for them over the years, minus one for Alexandra.  I think that Amy has bequeathed her snowflake stocking to Alexandra.  Isn't that just like a mom?

Here's cute little Noah sporting a chunky gauge sweater from Sirdar's Babies in Denim pattern book.  I'm pretty sure he thought this picture wasn't going to happen if he could just keep his eyes closed.

Here he is again with his Christmas stocking.  After I made all these elaborate stockings, I realized they probably weren't very kid friendly - lots of little pieces that can fall off and not very easy to wash because of all the doodads and the wool yarn.  What was I thinking!?

Here's Sophie happily modeling her sweater and stocking.  Don't you just love her cute little smirk?

Here's Sarah in her sweater.  A lot of the things I knit hold memories for me.  I knit Sarah's sweater while I was visiting them in Switzerland.  Hubby was off in Slovakia meeting up with his parents and I stayed with Amy's family in Zurich.  I was a knitting fiend trying to finish this before we left their house.

I also remember doing lots of fun things with them while I was there.  I loved going to their big community pool with them.  We also went to some fun historic sites.  Probably the most lasting impression was the trip to Walmart in Germany.  It was an hour's drive each way.  We filled up two overflowing carts, paid for the stuff, loaded the van, and then went back and did it again.  Then we had to lug all those groceries up four flights of stairs.  It was crazy.  But, I digress.

So, I'm just realizing that there aren't any pictures of Nick (nor Alexandra because she didn't exist yet).  Nick, where were you?

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  1. Well, you know Nick. Just a big attention seeker,like his father. Always jumping in front of the camera, posing like a ..Oh wait, I mean the opposite of that. :) Man, these pictures were fun to look at. they were so little, and cute!